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The Royal Mint Of 3D Pixel Frogs

By Fauna

Hoskey Eyes.png

Currently, there is no minting. We may never mint again. Then again, we may mint. The nature of Kearu is mysterious. 


Kaeru Traits

The 3D Pixel Frogs were created by legendary artist Fauna. They include flame heads, hoskeys, laser eyes, flower heads amongst other variations. Each one is unique. The discord channel was closed but a new one may arise. We will let you know how things evolve. 

Minting Process

You can not mint new kaeru, but you can buy them at If you are lucky that is. And you can still be lucky. But for how long. These frogs were part of Cardano history. 

Policy IDs

Pixel Village: 

Kaeru Warriors:

3D Pixel Frogs


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