The Royal Mint Of 3D Pixel Frogs

By Fauna

Hoskey Eyes.png

You will never see the use of bonding curves in the Kaeru Kingdom. We support the fair and equal distribution of our Kaeru, regardless of when you discovered us! The original set of Pixel Villagers was distributed for free. The next set of Kaeru Warriors was only 17 ADA. The current mint of 3D pixel Frogs is free with a trade-in of 1 Kaeru Warrior, or 3 Pixel Villagers and 10 ADA. The 10 ADA is returned minus transaction dust.  The entry price to the kingdom is the same for all. Of course we reward our loyal collectors with special privileges and perks. 

To Mint just send the required Kaeru Warrior, or 3 Pixel Villagers, plus 10 ADA to this address:



Kaeru Traits

The 3D Pixel Frogs were created by legendary artist Fauna. They include flame heads, hoskeys, laser eyes, flower heads amongst other variations. Each one is unique. Owning three will grant you access to the Samurai Channel on the discord. 

Minting Process

In order to facilitate the smoothest and fairest approach to minting, the Kaeru Kingdom will deploy a "vending machine approach". The mint is easy and stress-free. You can send in any combination of 3 Pixel Villagers or 1 Kaeru Warrior for 1 3D frog with up to 4 3D frogs being returned per cumulative transaction. Send 10 ADA which will be returned, minus dust fees. 

Policy IDs

Pixel Village: 

Kaeru Warriors:

3D Pixel Frogs