The Royal Mint


You will never see the use of bonding curves in the Kaeru Kingdom. We support the fair and equal distribution of our Kaeru, regardless of when you discovered us! There are no price tiers, all of our unique pieces cost a flat rate of 17 ADA. Entry price to the kingdom is the same for all.

Please note: Fifty Kaeru are being withheld from the drop for giveaways, rewards and creator ownership. 


Kaeru Traits

The Kaeru are made from combinations of 158 traits that include clothes, backgrounds, eyes, mouths, headwear, and weapons. This have given rise to a load of unique and gnarly combinations, that will undoubtedly help serve the Kingdom in the coming struggles. The rarity of these traits can be viewed on our discord.

Minting Process

In order to facilitate the smoothest and fairest approach to minting, the Kaeru Kingdom will deploy a "vending machine approach". We will be working closely with BuffyBot, the team behind the deployment of Cardano bluechip projects Clay Mates and Yummi Universe, to ensure the whole process is optimised and stress-free.  

Policy IDs

Pixel Village: 

Kaeru Warriors: