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Tree Dee Kaeru son of Emperor Fo Sho

Tree Dee is 3D Kaeru #0527

Tree Dee was the third Kaeru born from the sacred union of Emperor Fo Sho and Empress Hot Tea. When Empress Hot Tea was pregnant, one night she dreamt of a white swan flying down and touching her in the womb. She went and told the prophecy readers, the dream interpreters of the kingdom. They were skilled in the arts of interpreting dreams and recognizing the future through this subtle and profound art. The entire Kingdom relied on them both spiritually and for guidance in how to live their lives. The Dream Kearu were very clear with her that she was about to have no ordinary Kaeru, but a Kaeru who would lead Kaeru. One who was born naturally to FROGMI.

Upon birth Tree Dee pronounced, " To know FROGMI is to know nothing at all." If you have placed yourself in a situation that creates stress it is because you are not FROGMI. For FROGMI is like a river and the river goes its own course and through its course arrives where it is supposed to be. Thus FROGMI does not stress, for FROGMI accepts that where you are right now is where you are supposed to be. Tree Dee Kaeru also loved very much fine steaks and wine. His Favorite Martini was the Manhattan and he preferred it sweet to dry, much like the preferred Concubines.

Tree Dee Kaeru lived 364 years although some traditions hold he never died and he can still be found in the Kingdom for the one looking to journey through the Kaeru Annals and through or, or even better through was the favorite of those who like to buy right after minting of CNFT spirits into being. They can find rare attribute patterns and buy those because the market is not yet sure how to price the NFTs. These are sometimes called snipers, but usually, people look down on snipers because they kill without a fair fight.

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