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Sublime 3D pixel frog Quan Tim Chron Ik

Long ago, before time, after Emperor Fo Sho, but still in the realm of the mythical, where we do not have archeological evidence of the Kaeru Kingdom even existing, it is said there was the great sage Quan Tim Chron Ik.

Quan Tim Chron Ik was known as a great sage of the Kearu kingdom. His powers were like that of a dragon. They came into existence through his work with the element of fire.

It may have been true that he was the son of Empress Hot Tea. When he was a child he was smuggled out of the palace in a swath of cotton with blue print and purple flowers. Blue represents his mystic origins and the purple represents his royal origins. Which has led many scholars to contemplate that he was a child of passion born from a wild night between Empress Hot Tea and Imperial Frog Mi Wizard Ki Ki, who you may recall had a very bawdy night of inhaling fumes with Hot Tea and may or may not remember everything that happened that night.

Regardless of his origin, he was found by some pixel villagers far downstream from the Royal Palace. He was raised in the ways of the pixel villagers which often involved tremendous inhalation of chronic substances. These would help the villagers stay relaxed during the harsh stressful experiences of the coming and going of imperial decrees, flooding rivers, angry gods and goddesses, and general turmoil of being a villager in the kingdom.

Thus it was that Quan Tim Chron Ik grew up to be one who would blend three distinct herbs into his pipe at once. These three according to legend were "Salvia Divinorum, Sattiva, and Mugwort." be certain we are not recommending anyone try this. None the less it would move Quan Tim Chron Ik into a visionary state. Here he prophesied many things of which I hope to speak in the future. Amongst those was the rise of Emperor Kan Ye East and the fall of Kanye West when he spoke disparagingly of other tribes as was commonly his want to do for reasons unknown to us.

Regardless of which the world according to Quan Tim Chron Ik was always a battle between those who wished to change it and those who wished to preserve the status quo. Those who dealt in Cardano were obviously of the latter seeking to benefit the world by changing the economic status quo. They were ever hopeful that by introducing a decentralized currency the economy based on hoarding resources and war could be turned into an economy of equal opportunity.

Was this wishful thinking? Only time would tell.

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