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The legacy of Emperor Fo Sho

Emperor Fo Sho and Empress Ga Ga Hot Tea had three sons. They were Li Pixel Kaeru, Zhanshi Kaeru, and Tree Dee Kaeru. It is said they had a mysterious 4th son who is Meta, but no one knows what he looks like or where he is yet. Each had their own peculiarity to them. Alas though, like their father they all had a love of hats, maidens (thus the lineage of the Kaeru was assured), bubble gum, laughter, and Sake. Well, they liked many other things. But foremost they liked FROGMI. Emperor Fo Sho lived 689 years. He left the kingdom in good hands, having laid down the philosophy of FROGMI, having established the Kaeru, having sown the seeds of civilization, having created the divine glory of uniting Heaven, Earth, and Frog. Upon his death bed he gave one last parable of mystery to the Kingdom.

He whispered in the ears of his three sons, " I had a mistress you know. She was black like the night, she soared to heights unimaginable, she was most beautiful, but Empress tried to poison her, jealous of my sole affection and unwilling to share. alas. Ack. ack, croak. " and then he died. The three Kaeru, each peculiar in their own right, ran to seek clarity from the Empress, but as soon as the Light of Day, the Emperor Fo Sho had passed, the Light of Night, Empress Ga Ga Hot Tea also passed, like twin souls one could not be with out the other.

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