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The First Empress Ga Ga Hot Tea

Certainly, the First Emperor Fo Sho would have amounted to nothing, staying home, playing Fortnight, eating corn chips and drinking Pepsi living with his parents until he was in his 60s if it had not been for the first Empress.

She was famous for all her beauty and like the moon was always there for all Kaeru in ancient times and even now. If you go to the pond and look in the water she will be there gazing back at you. If you look into the night sky she will be there, gazing down at you. Always with warm love, for she shares her light equally with all the Kaeru of the Kingdom.

First Empress Ga Ga Hot Tea met Fo Sho, and saw in him intense brilliance and wisdom, ah, but how to get him off the X box and motivated to invent. She knew the perfect way. She came to First Emperors Moms house one day wearing the shortest of dresses, the highest of heals, the thinnest of thongs, singing a beautiful lullaby about a Bad Romance, with a tremendous concoction she had just discovered, Hot Tea. She placed the tea in front of the undistracted Fo Sho, who had not even looked at her. She turned around and bent over at the waist to pick up a small piece of tea leaf that had dropped. Immediately inspired Fo Sho rose like the Sun at mid day, and the Kaeru Kingdom was born.

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