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The First Emperor Fo Sho Kaeru

Updated: May 17, 2022

By Imperial Scholar Ouroboros

The exact origin of the Kaeru Kingdom is long forgotten in history. It exists now only in the stories and legends that have been passed to us.

They came to our mouth to ear, while the fireplace crackled in the distance, and the Ape NFTs kept rising for no reason other than the word "Ape" was in the mint.

The legends tell us of the first Kaeru. His name is Fo' Sho' Kaeru. (As an aside some modern Kaeru occult theorists consider "Snoop Dogg" to be an emanation of Fo' Sho'. but as far as we know that is just wild conjecture.} Myth, Kaeru, God, no one knows, it all depends on who you ask. He divided the world into Day and Night, gave us the Frog Ching, taught us to make Sake, mash tofu, mill grain, and set out armies to protect the kingdom. In short, he gave us our very civilization.

What did he smoke, some Kaeru ask? The truth is, we do not know what he smoked. A strange herb, it gave him mystical power that allowed him to change the world for the better. From this smoke came the mystical tradition of FROGMI. FROGMI is all and nothing, the great blessing of the Kaeru Kingdom.

This is a 1/1 NFT by Mosie Burgina.

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