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Noble Kaeru Warrior Son Zhan Shi Kaeru

Zhan Shi Kaeru Warrior is #1022 in the Kaeru Warrior collection.

Emperor Fo Sho's second son was Zhan Shi Kaeru, he was of most noble stature. In his early years he was skilled in the use of Katanas and triple bolt crossbows and is credited for creating Frog Ku. In his later years he took to cigarettes and the collections of gems. By that time though his powers of Chi had brought him the capacity to get other warriors to do the fighting for him. It is said that his robes were made of Diamonds and that he could mingle his essence with a 1000 concubines in a single night and then draw it all back into his Frog Hood. For this reason, perhaps he was not as prolific as his brother Li Pixel, and only had 1000 or so odd children. Zhan Shi Kaeru it is said understood FROGMI to be the essence of the union of opposites. His famous lines of commentary on FROMI goes,

Some say War is good, Some say War is bad.

War just is, as long as humans are.

Some say Bear markets in crypto are bad,

but during Bear markets in ADA Zhan Shi accumulates.

Some say Bull markets in crypto are good,

but during Bull markets in ADA Zhan Shi disperses. To know the true FROGMI is to always slowly accumulate

not thinking of past or present.

but doing what is right."

Zhan Shi spent 10,000 days and nights learning the martial art of Frog Ku. He developed the 12 styles based on the 12 Zodiac animals, All of his warriors became proficient in one of the 12 styles, but his favorite was the art of the Serpent. It is said that he could slide through a centimeter gap between two walls. This may be legend though, as all the courtesans of the time said that was not what he spent most of his time sliding in between.

We honor Zhan Shi for the many gifts he gave to the Kaeru Kingdom. He lived for 364 years and never once invested in Luna token.

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