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Li Pixel sees the Tanooki Spirit.

Lady Free Me is 3D frog number 0006.

Li Pixel went to the brothel and sake house after Emperor Fo Sho taught him the Frogmi of the 7 virtues. There he met with lady Free Me. Lady Free Me was very open with everything about her life. She appreciated any sordid gossip that any Pixel Villager would tell her, but she never let on to her own secrets. You would feel like she was your best friend, but you would never know what she was actually thinking. That made her almost a perfect candidate to be an Imperial spy, but not an imperial consort.

She led Li Pixel to the bar, its dim red lights, its glowing rice paper globes. She poured him a shot of Sake, for Sake had not yet been banned because Emperor Fuk Sake had not taken the throne because Emperor Fo Sho was still alive. Blessed Fo Sho's name, he who brings wisdom to the village and teaches the way of FROGMI. Li Pixel picked up the sake and blinked with his big bulging frog eyes. What were these virtues? Lady Free Me looked at him with those big bulging eyes and said, " Have you ever heard of Tanooki. Tanooki has huge balls that help him fly, he drinks sake day and night. Not only that but Tanooki transforms into a Kaeru Kingdom Villager and speaks nonsense day and night. "

When she said this a small red orb left her mouth and floated swiftly into the Eyes of Li Pixel. It descended to his ball sack. That night as Li Pixel frolicked with the royal consorts and dropped his seminal fluid upon a huge pile of eggs, one drop resembled a red sphere, and if you looked in that red sphere there was a Tanooki Spirit.

It is thus said that Tanooki Frog is the child of Free Me and Emperor Fo Sho's son Li Pixel.

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