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Li Pixel Kaeru Ancestral father of the Pixel Villagers

Updated: May 11, 2022

Li Pixel Kaeru is Pixel Villager # 03445

Li Pixel Kaeru was by all accounts a humble kaeru. Although the son of the Emperor Fo Sho, he was pixelated. Albeit some of his progeny had laser eyes, his most notable feature was his flaming head. This flaming head some say is a sign of the dragon spirit of Emperor Fo Sho who many claims were a dragon. It was said Emperor Fo Sho often had smoke coming out of his nostrils, and if you breathed the smoke you would start to experience strange visions and have a happy mind. What we can say of Li Pixel Kaeru is that he always had a happy mind as all the Pixel Village Kaeru of the Kaeru Kingdom are known to have. Perhaps you could call the theme the hobbit folk of the Kaeru land. Li Pixel was no hobbit though, aside from his tendency to wear pink hats, or his penchant for smoking cigars and quaffing the ever sacred gift of Sake, he was most thoughtful.

It is from him we get the commentary on FROGMI which goes:

"Civilizations come and go, but true Kaeru understand,

to relax and slowly accumulate in the way of FROGMI. Goodness at the beginning ensures goodness in the middle,

resulting in goodness in the end.

The way of FROGMI requires nothing but doing by not doing.

with a relaxed mind, and a relaxed heart, be good to your friends and family.

Contribute to the Kaeru Kingdom when you can,

rest, sleep, relax and eat.

For the FROGMI that can be spoken, is not the true FROGMI. "

Lil Pixel commented, that it is the extremes that cause us emotional upheaval. If you create, code, write and take care of yourself and your family, all things will fall into place. Lil Pixel lived to the age of 364 years and had 9,999 children because he really really liked the Kaeru Ladies. His quirkiness lives on in the Pixel Villagers, some of whom collect pink hats, some patty hats, and most all-loving hats. Some smoke Cigars, Some eat turkey legs, and others wear swimming tubes. The Kaeru are a special people and all Samurai must command at least one to attain the full level of Samurai Warrior, a name in the Kaeru Annals.

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