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Kaeru Warriors and the way of FROGMI

1st FROGMIDO master Cardano De Centralized Do
1st FROGMIDO master Car dano De-Centralized Do is Kaeru Warrior #1718

Son of Zhan Shi Kaeru was known as Car Dano De Cent Ral Do. He proved to be the most notable of all warriors of the Kaeru Warrior lineage. From a young age, he mastered the art of FROGMI, letting Frog Chi pass through one without resistance. He would dance around with swords and spears for hours in the courtyard of the Kingdom. His favorite trick though was taking a minted Cardano ADA coin, flashing it back and forth, and then making it disappear. I suppose this was no different than the Coco Locos did three months in to the age of Cardano.

But, Car Dano De Cent Ral Do was no rug pull! He was a master of the art of FROGMI. for he had come to realize that decentralized tokenomics when practiced correctly in the Cardano ecosystem meant that neither governments, nor corporations, nor even large wealthy families could manipulate the currency. it was thus truely a currency of the people, with its market price being discovered and maintained by those who were interested in building upon and utilizing the block chain for good.

Decentralized FrogmiKu was the mastery of not being anywhere in particular, but being everywhere. Free of being manipulated, free of being controlled, the code arose from the vision of the great Hosky Sun Lord. Car Dano had a vision of the great Hosky Sun lord, it was after an alien came down to him from another realm. He was laying in the green grass watching the clouds float by, some looking like cows, others looking like men, and a few looking like flying saucers. One of the flying saucers descended and out came a Hosky ADA naut.

He offered Car Dano a doggy bowl full of hosky. Car Dano ate his full. Burped and then said what. At that point the Hosky Adanaut placed a shogun helmet upon his head. Instantly Car Dano understood the benefit of Decentralization, the opposite of MuskCentralization. For it was not thinking that one Kaeru alone was genius enough to bring financial equality to all Kaeru rather that all Kaeru together would make financial wealth for the whole kingdom. That was a lot of kaeru responsibility.

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