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Imperial FROGMI wizard KiKi Magic

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Frogmi Wizard
Imperial Kaeru Frogmi Wizard KiKi

Imperial FROGMI Wizard KiKi Magic came from a humble background. He was born during an eclipse. There was a thunderstorm to the east. This foretold of a large earthquake in the East that occurred a month later. When the Earthquake occurred KiKi's mother felt like he must be a "Beast Boy CNFT" but he was. not, he was a 3D Kaeru Frog CNFT. Actually, he was number 0946Kaeru 3D Frog. His mother floated him down the river in a small raft made of bamboo. This is how the wife of the Third Emperor Tree Dee Kaeru found him.

You see, every piece of him has esoteric meaning. The 5 smoke bubbles represent the 5 elements. The four teeth represent joy, love, compassion, and equanimity. The Beard represents the sacred donut. The eternal symbol of one, the ouroboros. The 3D glasses represent seeing the duality of man. [ Cough Cough, the narrator meant Kaeru ] the I love UTC represented FROGMI KiKi's eternal love for " You the Created. " The color white on his shirt represented the absolute pure nature of FROGMI, not seeking profit but seeking FROGMI. The Cigar represents the burning of concepts of good and bad. The hat represents the principle that all beings can make it in the world of Cryptocurrency. they just need to learn how to read candlestick market trends. The Green Skin represents the accumulation of wealth for the followers of FROGMI.

Now it was not the case that the Imperial Wife and Consort of Tree Dee Frog did not recognize that KiKi looked a lot like her husband. But having compassion for him and love for her husband she let the transaction pass by amidst a fit of throwing frying pans and hurling curses only an Emperor could survive.

In this way Imperial Grand FROGMI Wizard KiKi came into the family of the Third Royal Emperor Tree Dee Kaeru and began to learn the secrets of FROGMI from him.

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