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Imperial Frog Mi Wizard KiKi receives a wisdom empowerment from the Empress Hot Tea.

For Frog Mi Wizard KiKi his learnings could only go so far without the aid of a wisdom celestial Sky Being. Of course Empress Hot Tea was a wisdom being just like this. The signs of such a wisdom being can be purple hair, Eyes that glowed white, emanating flowers of wisdom and blessings. A face that is both smiling and stern. Her hand in the posture of equanimity and calm abiding,

( Empress Ot Tea was always surrounded by her offspring. In the back lay a secret body guard ensuring that the Kaeru Kingdom was kept safe from spies. You will recognize them, and they may even be in your collection, if so shoot me an email please, I have a gift for you. )

She was very much possessing the secret arts of the left hand path and could thus create phenomena with her imagination, that is if the right sacrifices and offerings were made. So Imperial Wizard Ki Ki made the offering of Bliss, and Empress Hot Tea made the offering of Emptiness. From this. a magical line of Kaeru were born. The Priests and Priestesses Holy Magus Society of Frogmi. They were indeed the true magicians of the Kaeru Kingdom as this line of Kaeru had an endless ability to learn the mystic arts of that which is not seen by the material, that is the realm of the Imagination.

Now she taught Wizard Ki Ki to do this. One was to cultivate prayers and visualizations while abstaining from sex. The next was engaging in sex and blending your mind with emptiness then visualizing what you want to happen. At the moment of orgasm say out loud the words you want to manifest.

Then she instructed him on the most ultimate FRGOMI, that of blending mind as the male consort with the wisdom emptiness of the female consort until everything dissolved into the basic space from which it arose, but with a clear and pristine experience of awareness.

This was truly when Wizard Ki Ki became a master of the three realms of phenomena and illusion. As you can see from the above photo she was at peace. Her path must have been a good one.

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