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Emperor Fo Sho in all of his glorious and gracious kindness left us in his ancient writing an understanding of how to live a good and happy life as a Kaeru. The entire path to wisdom and righteous life was transmitted through the following most famous verse.

Free of coming and going

Resting in what is Original mind

Generous of spirit

Moon comes and goes It is what it is. FROGMI This is the entire teaching of FROGMI subsumed in a single poem. Wise Kaeru have attained enlightenment from their study of FROGMI, becoming masters of Wu Chi leaving behind concerns of being this or that. In essence, FROGMI is a lifestyle, a way of being. It is not concerned with flipping NFTs, FOMO or making a profit, it is rather about community, friendship, and a life not missed because one is chasing Apes, Sake, or Ramen Maidens. It is the drive of materialism that causes us to miss the joy of our families, our friends, our lives, and the little beautiful details of what make us spirits in the world. FROGMI teaches us to enjoy the moment in a relaxed matter, whether working or playing, not looking for the result, but enjoying the journey. There are those who find FROGMI through meditation, others through herbal supplementation, and others through contemplation. Regardless all who find FROGMI grow happy and abundant in life. FROGMI my brothers and sisters, FROGMI.

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