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Emperor Fuk Sake

Emperor Fuk Sake, who loves Coordinated Universal Time for some reason is 3D kaeru frog #0102. He is available for 15 ADA at and was created by Fauna.

When glorious, every praise his name, light of lights and master of masters Emperor Fo Sho passed into the Sky Kingdom above, his three sons, Tree Dee Kaeru, Li Pixel Villager, and Zhan Shi Kaeru were not of age to become Emperor. Likewise, his noble consort having passed at the same moment, there was turmoil in the Kingdom as to who would lead the Kaeru Kingdom.

A great feast was gathered and called with all the Pixel Villagers, the Kaeru Warriors, and 3D Kaeru Frogs. At this feast, it was decided who would become the next Emperor. Ramen and Sake were passed around in great quantities and much smoke (to honor the late Emperor Fo Sho. Beforehand much conversation about who would back who amongst the Imperial administrators. One particularly bold Kaeru Imperial Administrator named Fuk Sake lobbied hard that he should take on the role and ascend to the imperial throne. Unfortunately a few, or most who did not agree with him somehow ended up with a very peculiar brew of Sake and after drinking it fell dead to the floor, their souls immediately transcending to the Sky Kingdom.

Thus, by unanimous agreement of all living Kaeru, Emperor Fuk Sake was enthroned as the second Emperor of the Kaeru Kingdom. However, it must be noted that Sake was not a popular drink during his entire reign. He refused to partake of any Sake served to him, and non of his minsters or any Pixel Villagers drank any Sake. However, this disaster which caused Sake stocks to drop and Tea stocks to rise did not last for too long. For it was the case that Emperor Fuk Sake had a very, shall we say terrible to be as gentle as we can with the subject, habit of betting on digital horses. I am not going to say that he was sucked in by the idea of hanging with the royals of the Desert people to the east and their love of equine sports, but he was sucked in by the royals of the Desert people to the East and did not have the funds to keep up with their ways.

Soon the Kingdom itself was bankrupt. It lay desperate and desolate, without funds to pay the Administrators, the Mods, the Artists, the list on the exchanges, the devs, and all who keep a kingdom going. A great gathering was held in secret as what to do with Emperor Fuk Sake. It was decided that royal heir Tree Dee pixel would take him for a walk and show him a very deep well.

"look Emperor, look down this well" he said. When Emperor Fuk Sake looked down the well he smelled the fragrant wafting smell of Suntori Whiskey, It was his favorite Sake, and perhaps the Imperial historian has forgotten to mention that drinking whiskey, rather than sake makes one horrible at horse race betting. My apologies to all those from Kentucky who might disagree. Emperor Fuk Sake's eyes grew wide and his mouth grew dry and he jumped in the well with pleasure and aplomb. At this point the Kaeru Royal Guard, loyal to Imperial Prince Zhan Shi Kaeru ran out from the woods and through boulder after boulder into the well. Emperor Fuk Sake was never seen again.

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