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Emperor Fo Sho eats a Mushroom.

An Adanaut Mushroom Planter who visted the Kaeru Kingdom and planted the psychedelic mushrooms that inspired Emperor Fo Sho to understand FROGMI.

It might not be wrong to say that the wisdom of Emperor Fo Sho came from his ability to speak directly to the divine. He gained this capacity by wandering the forests foraging for food. He would watch the animals know what to eat and what not to eat, and in this way learned what was poison, what was medicine, and what was food.

On a particular night before Emperor Fo Sho had gone to forage a strange craft had appeared over the forest. There had been strange flashing lights of multiple colors and odd sounds. Emperor Fo Sho saw a strange being he did not recognize. In the morning there was a gentle mist that covered the forest.

As Fo Sho went out foraging, he saw a bear eat a mushroom which he had never seen before. The bear then began to dance, at first slowly, then it stood up and danced wildly. It shouted out loud. "Hooo hooo", and shook its head to the right, and shook its head to the left. Then the bear bared his teeth and ran to the mountains.

Emperor Fo Sho was amazed. H rolled his eyes around in all directions then ran to where the bear had danced. He saw another mushroom. It had a red cap and white spots. He ate it, yes he did, the Emperor was fearless, he just swallowed that mushroom right then and there.

Soon the world became very strange, Everything had layers of colors. Sounds echoed through the woods like the playing of bamboo flutes. Every step sounded like a cacophony of drums. It rained but rainbows appeared. Those rainbows entered Fo Sho's nostrils. They exited his ears. His hands could feel the sky around him. Then Fo Sho heard from the earth the sound of FROGMI. The unborn sound with no FR G or I. It vibrated over and over having no source and no destination. Emperor Fo Sho merged with the forest. His fingers the trees, his heartbeat the wind, his toes the soil. Then his body melted into the earth and he became every mushroom in the world, the mushrooms releasing spores which became stars, the stars giving birth to worlds, the worlds being seeded with Kaeru, the Kaeru forming into Emperor Fo Sho.

After a while, he woke by a waterfall. He went to drink some cool water, and drinking cool water he felt refreshed. Then he knew there was no way to explain FROGMI, FROGMI had to be experienced by conversing with the mushrooms.

He poured himself some Bourbon and thanked him for sending over the beings from space.

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