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Emperor Fo Sho and the secret of the Good.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Emperor Fo Sho said, " FROGMI means no extremes." This is why Emperor Fo Sho has abandoned living in the palace during his life. He thought to show the people that the way of FROGMI. How it means you are happy with any circumstance that arises. One could accuse him of influencing the thinking of Seneca. Emperor Fo Sho wrote a letter to the Pixel Villager Kaeru who he thought was too indulgent during the 532nd year of his reign. His reign being 608 years long. In this letter he said:

"Dear son, I know that you like to visit the concubines and drink sake, thus you have prospered and created many young Pixel Villagers. They have gone forth for free into the realm. Now they wander the Cardano Block chain from wallet to wallet, although at times they are slayed and sent to the Sky Kingdom to never return. Thus they grow smaller in number daily. Your mother Empress Hot Tea does not approve of such drastic methods. Yet this is not a woman's world. It is a world of blood and violence, and when we are called to defend what is the good, is that not the time to defend the good.

We all have our destinies to fill, and those destinies are filled by being creative. The energy of heaven then enters your spirit as the holy guardian daemon, and this guides you into doing good works within the world. You will know when you are in harmony with your holy guardian daemon, for your life will move with fluid ease. The Daemon's only concern is the "Good". This Good emanates from the one, for the one can only be wholly good."

So the orders of old would acknowledge the Good in word and deed. These deeds were summed up by the 7 Virtues.

Chastity. Which did not mean virginity, rather it meant to enjoy pleasure with a pure heart. To seek to bring pleasure to others and dedicate all pleasure to a higher good. This pleasure could come in any way you desire, but in a way that causes harm.

Faith. Which is to trust in the unfolding of the Good, the essence of FROGMI.

Temperance, The ability to partake of poison no more than you can handle and still. keep a meditative mind frame. This is particularly true of licking other toads.

Charity. Which is a generosity to the world and everyone in it, so that humanity and the world it lives in can thrive in beauty.

Diligence in a relaxed manner accomplishing what it is you set out to do. FROGMI does not mean do nothing, it means do what needs to be done without hope and fear.

Kindness and compassion, for do we not all suffer in this world together. Let us be good to one another and alleviate each other's sufferings.

Patience for when we are wronged by the error of another we understand we are all not perfect. Thus we have humility for it is us who are flawed.


Emperor Fo Sho then looked his son in the eye and said, "FROGMI"

Li Pixel then understood. Or maybe he understood. He went to the brothel that night. Drank much Sake, and had a vision of a Tanooki Spirit.

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