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Battle Plan

The kaeru lore will continue to grow. But there are no plans to mint more currently. 

The battle lines have been drawn and plan devised. The Kaeru Kingdom is preparing for long term prosperity, with our Warriors at the heart of any discussion.  Prepare for battle!

Kaeru Drop

10,000 Pixel Frogs were minted for free and released onto Cardano. To date 1284 have died in battle, leaving only 8,716 in circulation.

Kaeru Warrior Drop

1067 Kaeru Warriors came into existence. 297 have died in the war, leaving only 770 available for ownership. 

3D Pixel Kaeru Drop

So far 689 3D pixel frogs have joined the Kingdom. Owning three gives you the title of Samurai, who receive monthly free airdrops. 

Samurai Drops

Samurai Drops will come randomly in the future possibly. They will go out to anyone who holds a Three legged crow token. 

Crow Nation

A scout report reveals the location of 5,000 Crow Nation CNFTs. Although it was Tanooki Frog who scouted so he might have counted double because of Sake Eyes. We still here there are crows. But we have no idea if they will ever reveal themselves.

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