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Welcome to the Kaeru Kingdom

The Kaeru Kingdom is a collection of frogs that live on the Cardano blockchain. We were the first, and possibly the only Cardano NFT project to give away its entire first collection of 10 000 pixel villagers for free. For millennia, the Kaeru people have lived in peace following their ancestor’s victory in the great spawn wars over the merciless Crow Nation, with thousands of Samurai killed in the protection of their homeland. Yet, recent scout reports have unearthed troubling news. To the East, hordes of vengeful Crow mercenaries have begun to amass in preparation for war. The second era of conflict awaits.   


Life in the Kingdom

Aachil v1.jpg


We're only just getting started

Take a look at the Kingdom's battleplan over in our discord...


3D Pixel Frogs 

by Fauna

Vending machine style of drop provided by the team at BuffyBot. 

The original Team

Shogun Satoshi

Emperor Kan-Ye East

Fuk Saké

The Gong

Steady eddy. Known for his beautiful singing ribbits. 

Financially crippled the Kingdom by aping into Mongol horse breeds.

Unknown quantity. Has a 20,000 piece collection of pigeon related items. 

Certified degen and hype man. Here to get the troops ready to rumble.

Tanooki Frog

Drinking Sake and flirting with Ramen Maiden, absolutely rambles on incoherently. He was very drunk and Crypto crashed, so the project is on hold until he wakes up. 


*Team will be fulled doxed in the Discord*

The Next Team

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